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Warrenty Policy

Faulty Product and Warranty Returns

If a product is faulty and is not working as promised you may be able to make a warranty claim either with the manufacturer or with our supplier.

Most our products are covered by a 2 year warranty. Here is the process to follow to determine whether a faulty item is eligible for a warranty claim.

  1. Please let us know how you have been using the product and what the problem is. Make notes of this.

  2. In the first instance, we will contact the relevant supplier to confirm with them the process to be followed to make a warranty claim. 

  3. If the supplier is happy that the circumstances exist for a warranty claim we will ask them who has responsibility for honoring the warranty. Is it our supplier or the original manufacturer (if these are different entities).

  4. If the supplier is responsible we will ask them to replace the product for the customer. We will contact you and ask you to prepare the faulty product for pickup if the supplier would like to collect the faulty product.

  5. If the original manufacturer is responsible the customer may have to contact them directly to make a warranty claim. If this is the case we will get the relevant contact details from you and pass them on.