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Return Policy


At, we aim to make sure that your shopping experience is pleasant and one of a kind. Your satisfaction with your purchase is extremely valuable for us. In case, any product doesn’t nail your needs, we are always here to assist you.

Within 30 days of delivery, you can always return your unused items.

Shipping is subtracted from the total refund amount.

Some keynotes you should follow are:

  • To request a return within 30 days post-delivery, contact us here.
  • It would take generally 1 business day to confirm the approval/disapproval of your return request via email.
  • Within 1-2 business days, you will receive return shipping labels and a detailed Return Authorization, together with a list of instructions via email. Starting from the day email is sent, you’ll be assigned 30 days to return your item.
  • Upon receiving the returned item, will inspect the item and refund within 1-2 weeks.
  • Any late return or any return made outside this procedure is not entitled to any refund.

Items that are not entitled to return involve:

  •   Products belong to the custom-made and made-to-order category
  •   Clearance/Sale Products
  •   Products labeled as “non-returnable” in its description
  •   Products that have been assembled/used/installed
  •   Discounted bundled kits (entire kit is eligible for return)


  • Refunds are made in accordance with the original method of payment. Remember, your bank might take a standard 3-5 business days to process refunds.


The policy stipulated is mandatory and is made with special consideration that customers might want to cancel orders due to a change of heart or related reasons.

  • Given our top priority to process and ship your orders as fast as possible, we can only approve cancellation requests made within 1 HOUR after order placement. Beyond this duration, no cancellations will be entertained and it solely remains under the customer’s responsibility.
  • For cancellation request, kindly email at, as quickly as possible, within 1 hour after order placement.
  • Late cancellation requests (after 24 hours) are subjected to a $25 fee or 3% administration fee, to compensate for transactional costs at our end. For instance, transaction fees, fraud insurance, etc.

Note: Remember that refund is arranged immediately after successful cancellation. It would be your bank or credit card company that may take 3-5 business days to process and release funds.

  • If we have assigned tracking to your order or it has been shipped already, cancellation requests will NOT be given.
  • If the product ordered is a Backorder Item or a Pre Order, it means you understand that the item will take time to be back in stock and you're willing to wait for the duration. No cancellations are to be accepted upon any backorder item, devoid of any exceptions.
  • Most of our products can be canceled, however, items customized and crafted specifically for you cannot be canceled, once it has been ordered and its manufacturing has begun. For the following items, sales are final/non-cancellable:

o   Made-to-order Items

o   Custom-made Items


If you have made your mind to exchange your order with a similar or different item, we are here to assist you throughout. Please check your item against all applicable standard return policies.

We are more than happy to assist you in exchanging your items given the item is in stock and available in original packing.  


In an unfortunate case of a defective item, our technical team will be present to walk you through the warranty process of the manufacturer. Here’s what to expect from it;

  • The manufacturer is required to issue a warranty claim, pertaining to certain products that have a technical nature. Your installer will be required to diagnose and detect the issue on-site, together with our technical team members.
  • In case, the troubleshooting identifies a defective part as per standards, a warranty claim to the manufacturer will be forwarded by us to the manufacturer. You will be asked to review the terms and conditions before we forward the warranty claim.
  • Next, the manufacturer will review and accordingly, approve or disapprove the warranty claim. If they give approval and possess all the information, the replacement parts under the warranty claim will begin to be processed for shipment. In case, information is lacking or the warranty claim is unaccepted, you’ll be duly notified.
  • All warranties are deemed as exchanges in processing. A prepaid return label will be provided to you for the malfunctioning part(s), which should be returned after the reception of the replacements, within the time span of thirty days.
  • Depending upon the season, the total time taken by warranty claims to be processed might range from 1-4 weeks. Given the protracted length of time, claims can be extended. It is recommended to check up your unit in early fall or late summer, to see if it’s in good functional condition for the following winter period.


DEFECTIVE aims for excellence and vouches for the quality of its products. In any unfortunate case of receiving a defective item, our technical team will be dedicated to guiding you through the warranty process of the manufacturer.


It depends upon the warranty procedure of the manufacturer whether you’d have to return the malfunctioned item to the manufacturer for making repairments or an item will be sent to replace the defective piece and/or a serviceman to come to your residence.

Remember, if your item is installed or used, it will not be liable for any return, rather it would be subjected to the warranty procedure.

Your warranty request will be forwarded to the manufacturer from our side. The claim will be reviewed by the manufacturer and we will duly inform you regarding approval or disapproval of the claim. Certain manufacturers might require defective parts to be sent back (refer to warranty policy with return) for affirming quality controls.

Note that is not liable to any sort of reimbursement, be it associated with project lags or labor costs that might incur due to the receipt of malfunctioned goods. We always uphold that you install the product until/after the order has been thoroughly inspected upon arrival.

If your item develops a defect later than the warranty period, we will not be responsible to facilitate any warranty claim to the manufacturer. We will be able to provide replacement parts/units as per requirements. Feel free to contact us here for ascertaining pricing. Kindly, note that discontinued items might not be eligible for this facilitation.


Our topmost priority is to ensure that you receive premium quality products, however, in certain misfortunate events, your product might undergo damage during transfer.

At times, boxes get beat up during the freight transit. In almost all situations, regardless if the boxes are torn open, there is very little damage to the items.

Although will be happy to reship a new item to you (depending on stock) if you refuse the package, we recommend you accept the set and allow us to send any replacement parts (if needed) after you do an inventory of parts (that usually takes around 20 minutes). If the package is totally unacceptable meaning it is unusable and not working then please refuse the package and you will get another package sent.

If the damage is reported within the following claim times, will take it upon itself to rectify any damaged item(s).

Freight/Signature Required Deliveries:

  • If you sign for the delivery, without inspection of your item for any damage or missing items, you accept that the received item(s) is in perfect condition by default.
  • For order inspection, it must be conducted in front of the delivery person.
  • Any defect/damaged or missing item must be filed on the delivery receipt.
  • Do not throw away any damaged piece(s) or the original wrapping.
  • In case of serious damage, file the details on the delivery receipt and contact us at once to start the process of replacement.
  • Get in touch with us here to register the damage, within ONE business day. It is important that you include all delivery details, together with associated photos for illustration of the damage.
  • Any damaged item(s) are required to be reported within ONE business day, If it is outside of the ONE business day we cannot guarantee that the claim can be made for replacement of the item damaged in shipping.
  • So please inspect your item thoroughly when it is received for your protection!
  • It is required to return damaged piece(s) within 7 days of the package being delivered. If not done so, a charge will be levied via the original payment method.

Please note that is not liable to compensate for any reimbursements associated with project lags or labor costs incurred due to the receiving of faulty goods. It is suggested to schedule installation until or after the arrival of your order and once, your order has been thoroughly inspected.